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"Jack has been cleaning our Arts & Crafts home for over 8 years.  His attention to detail and use of of natural products is what pleases us the most.  We never had to worry about toxic "cleaning" products damaging our furnishings or harming our children and dog.  How refreshing it is to come home on Jack cleaning days - our home is bright and clean and smells of natural mint.  We love Jack!" - Maryanne Trantor

Jack's commitment to provide competent cleaning with a keen eye to the integrity of our home makes his service very special. I especially appreciate his use of only nontoxic cleaning products.- Marilyn Welker

"Jack is awesome! In addition to being a really nice person, he does the best job of cleaning of anyone I’ve ever had (and I’ve had a lot of them!). He is extremely thorough and very detail-oriented. I really can’t say enough about how great he is. Once you use Jack, you never go back! :-)"


"Jack cleaned our home every other week for years.  We could always depend on a good job from Jack.  I especially liked the way he cleaned the kitchen so thoroughly and the nice job he did our hard wood floors. He is a real professional.  He is responsible and we felt easy about trusting him in our home. Also, he was willing to be flexible about the work we had him do.  Sometimes he would clean different parts of the house or do additional work for us. He worked while we were home and we always found him pleasant to be around. "
- Barbara

“Jack has cleaned my house for six years.  He always arrives promptly and he does an excellent job.  I never have any complaints about his work and he doesn't complain about any messes that I might leave. including those of my cat.  In addition, he is a compassionate, caring person who gets along well with others.” -  Janet Marie

"I employed Sunburd cleaning for my Chiropractic office for many years.  Jack was always punctual and responsive to my requests.  He scheduled his time around my hours and went out of his way not to inconvenience me on those occasions when I had to be in the office at the same time he was scheduled.  Jack has high ethical and professional standards and I trust him implicitly to do a good job and protect my privacy of that of my patients."  - Dr. Keller, D.C., D.A.B.C.O.

"Jack Burdette was my house cleaner for some four years in Columbus, Ohio.  He was a great cleaner and I was sorry to lose him (even if it was to a new wife in Princeton!).  He was always dependable, reliable and full of good cheer.  And the house was always a joy to come home to after Jack’s visits.  I should add that I have four cats, so the house was a mess when Jack arrived, and spic and span (and free of cat hair and litter) when he left.  As a busy professional, I really appreciated his efficiency and eco-friendly cleaning.  Highly recommended." - Dr. Coulson

"Jack Burdette is conscientious and caring in his approach to cleaning.  Jack takes a lot of pride in his work.  He knows that the best way to clean a tile or linoleum floor or a Corian sink is a few very simple ingredients and the prodigious application of a scrub brush.  He also knows when a gentler approach is appropriate. 

Our 1914 house is full of awkward spaces and tight corners, but Jack was thorough in chasing down the dirt.  Add to the old house two children, two cats, a dog and two working parents who have frequent visitors and things could get out of hand pretty quickly.  Jack was always great at whipping the place back into shape and, when a sick kid kept us home or schedules otherwise crossed, he would easily work around us.  Finally, Jack knows a home is more then the physical space where we store our stuff and sleep.  He quickly knew the names of our pets and children.  He would let the dog out when he arrived, but make sure the cat didn't escape.  He would change the sheets on our daughter's bed without disturbing the improvised canopy she insists on sleeping under.  He cared for our family, not just our
"  - Yutan

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